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Gladly Anthem Wagons top the charts again this year as the best stroller wagons of 2024. Experience the joy of family outings with our Award-Winning Stroller Wagons!

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What other parents are saying

Love, Love, Love it! Wow! I am so impressed with the Gladly Anthem 2 Wagon. It push and pull smoothly, easy to put together, vibrant color, and comfortable for my toddler. We used it for the first time the other day and received so many compliments. If you debating about purchasing this wagon, don't hesitate, just buy it!!!!

— Jacqueline S.

Loving our Anthem 2 Wagon! We are loving our Anthem 2 wagon. It’s the perfect wagon for the beach or mountains! Our daughter comfortably naps in it doubles as a wonderful play area! It allows us to travel with all the things we need to enjoy the day!

— Suzanne J.

Love it!! Love how easy it turns and stores away also love that the tires come off to store flatter and there is so much space!! We upgraded from a cheaper smaller wagon that actually took up more room, weighted approximately the same and didn't turn as well!

— Amber W.